"Don't let the Bed Bugs bite" takes on a very real meaning when these pests infiltrate your home. These pests hide during the day and come out at night to feed ON YOU. The bed bug is an ectoparasite to humans but will also feed on mammals, poultry, and other birds. Knowledge of this pest goes back to 1336 BC in Egypt.

This pest has seen a huge resurgence in the past 25-30 years due to the ease of travel in modern times, their capacity to attach to a hitch hiker and travel, the change in treatment techniques, elimination of several types of pesticides, resistance development to the primary pesticides (pyrethroids), and the mis-diagnosis of the problem by physicians and the public at large.

These pests are prolific breeders with the female laying 1-5 eggs per day. And they can live through their various stages up to a year or more. The body heat from your exposed bare skin and the carbon dioxide emitted while you are sleeping is what attracts the bed bug to you. Their primary food sourse is YOUR BLOOD. The bite is painless, but many people are allergic to the saliva of this predator. Swelling and itchy redness may occur, but some humans develop a resistance showing no reaction to the bites at all. The spread of diseases by bed bugs is starting to be suspected, but there is no proof of this at this time.

Bed Bugs hide anywhere there is a seam, crease, or crevice. They prefer wood and fabrics to harbor or nest. They will crawl distances inside your home for a blood meal. Hotels, dormitories, and shelters are primary sources of infestations, but houses, apartments, and offices are common sources as well.

Additional Services

  • Initial Bed Bug Inspection $35


A thorough inspection of your entire home is the first order of business. An inspection may take several hours, but must be performed to determite a proper treatment plan. Once an infestation is determined, there are two treatments available.

Liquid pesticide treatment is one option; however, it requires an extremely large amount of preparation on behalf of the homeowner to get the dwelling ready for treatment. This preparation MUST BE completed before treatment can begin. This treatment also requires multiple appointments to apply pesticide and takes the longest amount of time to completely eliminate the pests.

Heat Remediation treatments are our most effective treatment available and are the only treatment for bed bugs that we also back with a guarantee. First, the property owner will be given a preparation list that includes a list of items to remove and instructions on how to prepare the rest of the home before your heat treatment can be completed. Next, the heat will be introduced to the property. The temperature in every room will be raised between 120 and 160 degrees fahrenheit. Once that temperature range has been established, the remaining furniture and belongings will be turned over or moved to expose any potential harborages allowing the heat to kill all bed bugs present. This treatment usually takes between 5 and 7 hours.

Once the treatment is complete, you will have instructions on how to proceed to protect your belongins, and re habitate your home/office. A follow up inspection is required for this treatment. Leaving even one bed bug can result in reinfestation.



Your HomeMasters technician will arrive on the confirmed date and within the scheduled timeframe. We'll review your service request and see if there are any additional questions or concerns you may have. We're committed to your satisfaction and the elimination of harmful and annoying pests. Many of the pests we combat are harmful to your family and your home. We are here to help in your family's protection. We have several options, and you can tailor a pest control and home defense program to meet your needs.

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