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Mosquitos are known for their bites, but it’s important to remember they can also carry serious diseases like West Nile, Malaria and Encephalitis. Mosquitos flourish near water, so rivers, lakes, ponds, ditches, holes, leaves of plants or any place that will hold water is a prime spot for these pests. Mosquitos are most active in the mornings and evenings, but can be an issue anytime you wander near their resting place.

Mosquito Services

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Our mosquito defense protects your yard from mosquitos, ticks, fleas and spiders:

$59up to 1/2 acre
$791/2 – 1 acre
$59each additional acre
$491/2 acre with purchase of any Pest Control or Termite contract

Mosquitos on leg


Treatment is primarily done by fogging. The pesticide is sprayed outside and is applied to the foliage, grass, fencing and exterior areas of any building. Our technician will notify the homeowner of any areas of standing water that need to be eliminated as this is necessary to reduce the population of mosquitoes. Proper sealing and/or screening is critical to keep this pest out of your home.

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